State secretary

Gordana Predic | State Secretary

Ms Predic was born in Kragujevac, where she finished primary school and graduated from the 1st Kragujevac Secondary School; she graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, at the Department of History. She worked as a history professor with the Rudjer Boskovic Educational Centre, as an International Baccalaureate programme professor of the IBO curriculum and as a Consultant for the Republic Centre for Gifted Children.

Ms Predic worked for many years as a reporter in RTV Politika: she started as a contributor, to become a reporter, journalist and editor of the daily news programmes “Vesti” (“News”) and “Dan” (“The Day”).

Ms Predic worked on the production of an independent programme entitled “VIP” that was broadcast at RTV Politika, Art TV and on 30 other local TV stations, including the Montenegrin Elmag TV. Ms Gordana Predic worked as a reporter for daily and weekly papers “Politika”, “Bazar”, “RTV Revija”, “Horizont” and “Sat”.

Ms Predic received the City of Belgrade Plaque  for the documentary programmes “Tajne Beograda” (“The Secrets of Belgrade”) and “Zlatni melos” (“Golden Tunes”) in 1997; in 1998, Ms Predic received the award for the most popular programme of RTV Politika, “Nedeljni ritam” (“Rhythm of the Week”).

She is fluent in English and Macedonian languages and is the proud mum of Sandra and Ognjen. 

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